One company, two modern branches

Red Harvest in Middenmeer

In 2009, we opened our branch at the Agriport A7 horticultural centre located in the north of the province of Noord-Holland. Several horticultural businesses from the Westland region have settled here, attracted by the possibilities of large-scale production and the fact that cultivation conditions here are similar to those in the Westland region. The move to Middenmeer offered us the opportunity to set up a modern, state-of-the-art business for the cultivation of tomatoes. Now, our greenhouses, installations, and energy supply meet all the standards required for optimal production.

Four departments of 7.5 hectares each

This branch has been expanding over the years and now consists of 30 hectares of developed land. To guarantee efficiency, we created departments of 7.5 hectares at a time, with another 25 hectares of undeveloped land available for further expansion. All four departments have been built according to the same modern design: a Venlo greenhouse with 8-metre trellis, a glass size of 1.67 metres, and 6.85-metre columns.

The greenhouses are equipped with hanging gutters and a pipe rail system. A real innovation in the new department is the installation of diffuse glass, which is proven to have better properties for tomato cultivation.

There is a location  in De Lier on the Laan van Boekesteijn. The Laan van Boekesteijn branch was built in 1998 and covers 5.8 hectares. The branche has 8-metre trellis Venlo greenhouses. At this location there is the administration located.