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Working at Red Harvest

With 36 hectares of greenhouses, Red Harvest is one of the larger vegetable growing companies in the Netherlands. Make sure to visit our website regularly to view our job vacancies or send us a speculative job application. We always have jobs available for school pupils. Click on the page for school pupils to find out more.

What can you expect?

If you come to work at Red Harvest, you'll be active at one of our branches. The work we offer is varied, and the work atmosphere is great. If you're a go-getter, we'll immediately give you plenty of responsibility. And if you have ambition, then there is nothing standing in the way of your career advancement at Red Harvest. We are a company that is committed to delivering exceptional quality, and we expect the same dedication from our staff. You'll be rewarded for your effort with a decent salary and great terms of employment.

If you are interested in working at Red Harvest,

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