Red Harvest

Growing tomatoes with passion for over 30 years

Red Harvest has branches in Middenmeer and in De Lier where the company has its roots. In 2005, we took the first step towards large-scale expansion into the northern part of the province of Noord-Holland. In total, we now have 36 hectares of tomatoes with options for further expansion, making us one of the largest tomato-growing businesses in the Netherlands.

Producing tomatoes year-round under artificial light.  All our departments in Middenmeer are equipped for artificial lighting (13,200 lux). With a total of 30 hectares of tomatoes grown under artificial light, clients can count on us for their fresh tomatoes all-year round.


We switched to CHP installations fairly early on to generate our own electricity and produce CO2. In Middenmeer, we even went a step further by harnessing geothermal energy together with a cluster of companies. We are also striving for sustainable production in other ways. For example, the greenhouses feature a modern design that ensures minimal loss of energy, drain water can be recycled so that valuable nutrients are not washed away, and other initiatives such as the use of biological crop protection ensure that our tomatoes are grown in conditions that guarantee food safety.

Sales via Growers United

Red Harvest is a member of Cooperative Growers United U.A., which is responsible for the full sales and marketing of the product. With thirty six hectares of tomatoes that receive artificial lighting in winter, we can offer our clients a high reliability of supply while also being able to deliver high volumes in the high season. Most of the tomatoes grown by Red Harvest are packaged at the Growers United packaging centre in Maasdijk or De Lier, which is also the label under which the Red Harvest tomatoes are sold on the market. Our tomatoes are mainly purchased by retailers in Germany and the UK.


The management of Red Harvest is entrusted to:

  • Jaap Noordam (managing director)
  • Paul Koene (chief financial officer)
  • Leon Noordam (cultivation and production coordinator)
  • Wilfred Barendse (biology and facilities coordinator)
  • Ronald Grootscholte (cultivation team leader)

The team of permanent staff is complemented by employees from various temporary employment agencies.

Certifications. Red Harvest is committed to achieving the highest possible quality and are certified according to the highest standards in the horticulture industry: On the Way to PlanetProof, GLOBALG.A.P and Grasp.