Our true loves



plum loose

120 g

Ø 57 mm

brix: 4

Ideal for:
oven, salsa, salad



coarse truss

140 g

Ø 55 mm

brix: 4 - 4,5

Ideal for:
bbq, salad, sandwich, soup


Dee Viate


400 gr

Ideal for:
Salat, Sandwich

Vision for the future

The tomato-breeding industry is constantly developing, which is why we are always on the lookout for new varieties. But we set high standards at Red Harvest and demand that new varieties are not only productive but also excel in taste tests. Now that a large section of the branch in Middenmeer is equipped with artificial lighting, it is essential that these varieties also perform well under these conditions. Because we want to guarantee that the quality of our tomatoes remains high all-year round, our quality manager takes care of all aspects of quality assurance.

We'll go all the way to give our tomatoes that ultimate flavour. We continuously strive to create the perfect conditions for our tomatoes for the optimal taste experience. Find out where to buy our tomatoes.

Red Harvest