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plum loose

120 g

Ø 57 mm

brix: 4

Ideal for:
oven, salsa, salad
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coarse truss

140 g

Ø 55 mm

brix: 4 - 4,5

Ideal for:
bbq, salad, sandwich, soup
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Dee Viate


400 gr

Ideal for:
Salat, Sandwich
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Thank you for visiting our website. Red Harvest is a tomato-growing business with branches in De Lier and Middenmeer, where we grow various tomato varieties and cucumbers on a total of 36 hectares. Our tomatoes are packaged on the company's own premises, so that they always arrive fresh on the retailers’ shelves. At Red Harvest, efficiency and quality go hand in hand. Take a look through our website if you'd like to find out more about who we are and what we do.

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