The right balance between taste and production

At Red Harvest, we have in 2017 several kind of tomatos.

Tomatoes of the vine Dometica is grown on the location of Laan van Boekesteijn, located in the Westland. The Burgerdijkseweg, also located in the Westland, has the famous race Merlice.

At the location in Middenmeer are the varieties Vimoso, Roterno, Tourance and Sunstream grown exposed.
In the unexposed greenhouses in Middenmeer are the varieties Merlice, Folicia and Intense grown.

And the future?

Nothing is more constant than change in the tomato breeding industry. That is why we always keep our eyes and ears open for new varieties. But the bar is high at Red Harvest. New varieties must not only be productive, but also excel in taste tests. Because a part of the company in Middenmeer is equipped with artificial lighting, varieties must also perform well under it. To keep the quality high throughout the year, we have a quality manager who oversees all aspects of quality assurance.